Four Seasons Dublin Offers Botanical Cocktails

Did you know gin and tonics were originally medicinal? The tonic prevented malaria, the lime prevented scurvy and the gin…well, the gin was just a lovely addition that made everything taste better.

In the spirit of medicinal libations, the bartenders at Four Seasons Hotel Dublin have put the science of botany to the test in devising a summer menu of cocktails to help guests relax or reenergize, or even relieve allergies, aches and pains. Botanical twists on classic cocktails and seasonal concoctions include the scents and flavors of lavender (pictured), cardamom, saffron and white tea.

On the menu:

    * Orange and saffron martini
    * White peach tea cooler
    * Royal lavender lemonade
    * Pineapple and cardamom mojito

The special botanical cocktails will be available throughout July in the Lobby Lounge at the Four Seasons Hotel Dublin.