Frontiers International Adds Luxury Cabins to Russian Salmon Camp

Frontiers International Travel has announced the addition of luxury cabins to the Ryabaga Camp on the Ponoi River on Russia's Kola Peninsula for the 2015 season. 

Aimed at anglers drawn to the river's Atlantic salmon, the single-occupancy cabins will have hand-crafted queen-size beds with duvet and finnish down pillows, as well as raised decks and en-suite bathrooms. The cabins will also be equipped with Wi-Fi, with the generator running 24 / 7. 

Located above the Arctic Circle, the Ponoi flows west to east for 400 kilometers before entering the Barents Sea. The watershed runs through largely uninhabited wilderness and is accessible only by helicopter. There is no mining, deforestation, dams, netting, poaching or other human activity, maintaining the integrity of the salmon run. 

Guests experience eight hours of guided fishing daily and the river affords the opportunity for wading, bank casting, or boat fishing. Most angling is done with floating line, and depending on personal preference, both single and double-handed rods are used with a cross-section of traditional Atlantic salmon fly patterns. The season typically runs from late May through early October. 

Advisors can contact Frontier at 1-800-245-1950.