Hace Calor: Reina Roja Hotel in Playa del Carmen

We know that spring has sprung, and warm winds are on their way, but that doesn't mean you couldn't go for something a little more caliente.

The Reina Roja Hotel, tucked into the stylish urban partying mecca that is Playa del Carmen, is a decidedly adults only boutique property that gives Amsterdam's notorious red lights a run for their money.

Everything from the wooden lobby bar and the chain-clad beds are bathed in crimson hues - sultry mannequins abound, lurking in cages and propped against glinting mirrors.

Heading to the roof, with some of the best views the city has to offer, guests saddle up on elevated four poster beds, wooden platforms or take a balmy dip in one of the many PVC pipe-lined pools.

Guests can snap up Superior or Deluxe rooms, but the real pièce de résistance here are the Thematic rooms, five to be exact: Playa, After Hours, Orígenes, Mundo Verde and Espacio Erótico, each offering a sensual kaleidescope of jewel-bright colors and textures.

If all that supine time is getting you down, you can also head to the in-house cinema, the library or for a little retail therapy, the boutique where you can purchase a few potions for love, good luck and money. (No, really.)