Hey! You've Got to Hide your Club Away: Secret Lounge SGTs Opens Underneath Hotel Chantelle

We've heard that a hot new hush-hush dance spot has opened underneath the "fake" Hotel Chantelle (it's actually a bar and restaurant) right on Ludlow street in Manhattan - shake your tail feather for SGTS.

Owned by Benjamin Shih of Brooklyn's Sweet Ups and the Royal Oak, it's rumored he named named the bar after a French World War II safe house.

It seems the design has a distinctive lean towards the retro as well - between the 18th and 19th-century salvaged wood and blood-red leather banquettes, you'll be feeling nostalgic in no time.

Clandestine Luxe: Keep your eyes peeled for an illuminated exit sign inside Hotel Chantelle and descend the stairs to discover the speakeasy-cum-dance club SGTs, all 7,500 square feet of it.

And just in case youre thinking of this place as a cozy, flee from the winter woes sort of place, rest assured that come spring, all the scantily clad sirens of NYC will be flocking to the greenhouse-esque jungle rooftop garden with retractable roof.

Be sure to check out Thursday nights - the Chainsmokers throw their sure-to-make-you-stomp-and-sway "Sexual Tension" party.