Aman New York Launches New Experiences for 2023

Aman New York has launched new experiences to uncover exciting facets of the city, from private gallery viewings and neighborhood tours, to fashion photography workshops and culinary masterclasses.

"Through the Lens"

In partnership with Leica, Aman New York has introduced a range of new workshops and experiences. These include a personal photo shoot, learning basic technical elements of photography in a three-hour private session to transition from point-and-shoot photography to creating images in-camera. Guests can also delve into editorial photography with a fashion photographer and working model, besides having an in-depth look at the industry with a meet-and-greet, before setting out to find the perfect backdrop to shoot.

Guests can also enjoy a tour from Leica’s Master Photographer of their favorite photographic locations across New York’s five boroughs. They can learn unique techniques and approaches used in capturing dramatic compositions and create photos imbued with an authentic sense of place.

Aman New York also offers a three-day workshop mastering portrait photography with celebrity photographer Mark Mann. This hands-on experience takes place in-studio and includes instruction on his signature lighting techniques and his approach to interacting with talent, before finishing with a look at his post-production workflow.

"Into City Studios"

The first home of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in 1929, the Crown Building is connected to New York’s art community. Offering access into the mind of a creative, guests can connect with the city’s master artists, from sculptors to painters, gaining insight with visits to their studios. The experiences range from 45-minute interludes with just one artist, to four-hour journeys taking in the studios and ateliers of multiple artists. Guests can ask questions about their sources of inspiration, and receive an exclusive look at pieces not yet on the market.

Aman New York will also offer 90-minute art workshops led by master artists. Personalized in terms of subject matter and medium, and taking place in the artist’s own studio, these sessions are designed to nourish an individual’s creativity and self-expression.

Shedding new light on the city’s most iconic areas, Aman New York’s new range of gallery and neighborhood tours are led by art historians with backgrounds in both modern and contemporary art. The “Chelsea Art Tour” sparks discovery and discussion of some of the city’s most exciting galleries with behind-the-scenes viewing of larger holdings for those interested in purchasing a new piece. Alternatively, discover the gallery district of the Lower East Side, anchored by the New Museum.

"Art Historian Guided Tours"

The new “Art and Architecture Walking Tour” in Brooklyn includes Bushwick’s Clearing Gallery, Williamsburg’s Boiler, Pierogi Gallery, Brooklyn Art Space and the Gowanus Studio Space. An art historian introduces both commercial galleries and nonprofit artist-run spaces, while offering insight along the way into the Brooklyn gallery scene and creative neighborhoods.

An expert art historian curates a guide through the works of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, including pieces that were originally displayed within The Crown Building. Tours of The Whitney and The American Museum of Natural History are also on offer. Families will relish Aman New York’s private tours including treasure hunts and games to engage with all ages.

"Culinary Journeys"

Gourmet fans can savor seasonal Italian fare at Arva and traditional Japanese washoku cuisine at Nama. Now, via new “Culinary Journeys,” guests can partake in experiences offering insight into how each dish is artfully created.

Guests can join Arva’s Executive Chef, Dario Ossola, for an Italian dining experience that begins at the market and ends with a personalized feast. Aman New York also offers Nama’s Sushi Masterclass with Chef Takuma Yonemaru, and a Cookie Masterclass with Executive Pastry Chef, Jasmina Bojic.

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