Faena Group Announces Global Expansion

Alan Faena, in partnership with Len Blavatnik, has announced the global expansion of Faena Group. In the works are plans to open various Faena projects in select urban and resort markets around the world.

Benjamin Sinclair, a founding member of the Faena Miami Beach team, has been appointed chief business development officer to spearhead the effort, working with Alan to execute his vision. In the realm of possibilities? Master-planned communities, residential and hospitality projects, retail concepts and a lifestyle-brand line of products.

“Following our success in the Miami and Buenos Aires projects, where, I think, we're successfully bridging lifestyle with luxury, and following the accolades that we've garnered, we feel that this is the moment to leverage that success,” Sinclair tells Luxury Travel Advisor. “Now, we are looking to take the Faena vision to a global community.”

Sinclair says that Faena Group was approached by several developers during the building of Faena Hotel Miami Beach but the group’s focus was strictly on getting the district open. Now, however, that the Faena District is up and running, they can finally look towards a new project.

“The goal with setting up this new company (which will still operate as the brand Faena Group) is not attached to one single project: It is fully focused on extending the brand across residential, hospitality, urban development and also consumer lifestyle products,” Sinclair says.

Unlike the previous developments, the new projects will not necessarily be full-scale districts, mostly due to the fact that these opportunities appear “far and few between,” according to Sinclair. Currently, the brand is in discussion with developers domestically and internationally, looking for opportunities to expand the Faena Hotel brand, Casa Faena (the brand’s more accessible hospitality offering) and Faena residences.

Sinclair was not able to comment on what destinations Faena Group is currently looking at; however, he did mention his team is “focused on the best destinations with the most like-minded partners” and that they’re “looking at a combination of urban centers as well as resorts.” Similarly, he could not offer a timeline for when we might expect the first opening, although he said it would be near-term (perhaps between three and five years).

When the properties do open, there’s a good chance they will resemble the current offerings. Sinclair tells Luxury Travel Advisor that Faena Group is not averse to working with past collaborators, such as Norman Foster, who worked on both properties.

Founded by Alan Faena, Faena Group specializes in the creation of “holistic environments anchored in cultural experiences and socially responsible projects,” ranging from residences and hotels to art and cultural spaces. According to a written release, Faena has revitalized economies and land values on a large-scale community level, such as in Buenos Aires and Miami.

Faena Hotel Buenos Aires opened in 2004, while Faena District Miami Beach opened in 2015.

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