Hotel Kim Sing: From Kung Fu Theater to Mini Hotel

Opened during the first week of August in Los Angeles’ historic Chinatown, Hotel: Kim Sing. The building originally opened in 1926 as a vaudeville house, and was later used as a film house for kung fu films. It has now been transformed into a three-bedroom two-story space for up to 10 guests.

The mini-boutique hotel offers direct access to downtown LA and Pasadena and has en-suite bathrooms for each of the bedrooms with an additional half bath. Amenities are provided by the local luxury beauty brand, LATHER. There's also offers a modern kitchen (with an option to hire a private chef), breakaway areas for private meetings and lounging, and a 2,200-square-foot private courtyard. Guests have exclusive access to the entire property.

Good to know: The outside commercial space on Figueroa houses a number of soon-to-be added dining options, with specialty coffee shop SPLA set to open in early Fall 2017. 

The property includes a washer and dryer, meditation lounge, state-of-the-art A/V equipment, screening room, Wi-Fi, and private garage parking spaces. Bedrooms are fitted with Casper mattresses. 

Owners and operators Indra & Co. will have team members onsite during business hours as concierge for check-in as well as provide guidance on where to visit in Los Angeles during the stay.

The property was left vacant for years before it was renovated by Willard Ford, son of actor Harrison Ford, who bought the building in 2000. During renovations, he ensured that original details like bow truss ceilings and the marquee sign were preserved. Ford used the space for events and as a private residence before Indra & Co. obtained the property in 2016.

Bookings are currently available.

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