The Michelin Guide Sets Sights on Vancouver

Michelin and Destination Vancouver have announced the latest expansion of the Michelin Guide: The Michelin Guide Vancouver.

The first selection of the Michelin Guide Vancouver will be revealed this autumn. It will showcase the restaurants and professionals receiving the distinctions. The guide is also known for its Bib Gourmand selection, highlighting restaurants that offer quality food at good prices. The Michelin Green Star is given to restaurants that are leaders in sustainable gastronomy.

“We’re thrilled to bring the Michelin Guide to Canada’s west coast and shine a spotlight on all that Vancouver has to offer,” said Gwendal Poullennec, international director of the Michelin Guides. “Our inspectors are already exploring Vancouver. They are eagerly diving into its wide variety of cuisines, prepared with high-quality products and served in warm, casual atmospheres. Vancouver is celebrated by international travelers for its artistic vibe and multifaceted identity–from impressive buildings to outdoor spaces–and we’re pleased to focus on its very promising culinary potential.”

Meticulous in maintaining their confidentiality, Michelin inspectors are already in the field, making dining reservations anonymously and paying for all their meals to ensure they are treated the same as any other customer.

“The fusion of flavors and cultures, influences from the Pacific Rim threaded through, and the abundance of the freshest ingredients from the ocean and land make the dining experience in Vancouver something very special,” said Royce Chwin, president and CEO, Destination Vancouver.

The upcoming Vancouver restaurant selection will follow Michelin’s historical methodology, based on five universal criteria, to ensure each destination’s selection equity: Quality products; the harmony of flavors; the mastery of cooking techniques; the personality of the chef in the cuisine; consistency between each visit (each restaurant is inspected several times a year).

Michelin works with destination marketing organizations, or tourism boards, to promote the travel industry in the respective locations; however, the Michelin Guide selections process remains entirely independent. While selections remain fully independently determined by Michelin inspectors, Michelin is working with Destination Vancouver on marketing and promotion activities only.

The 2022 Vancouver restaurant selection will join the Michelin Guide selection of hotels, which includes unique and exciting places to stay in Vancouver and worldwide.

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