Miraval Resorts to Host Wellness-Focuses Arts Programming This Summer

Miraval Resorts this summer will be hosting its “Celebration of the Arts” program designed to promote the therapeutic benefits of the arts. The “Celebration of the Arts,” which launches this summer at Miraval Arizona, Miraval Austin and Miraval Berkshires, will debut new art programming that is designed to encourage spiritual and emotional nourishment.

As part of the program, Miraval resorts will also invite a local artist to stay in-residence at each of the three properties to create a mural for the resort and interact with guests as they observe the creative process.

Here’s what to expect:

Miraval Arizona

During the “Celebration of the Arts,” Miraval Arizona will invite Lucinda Hinojos to be artist-in-residence this summer. Hinojos, who is of Xicana, Apache and Yaqui descent, is a self-taught muralist and painter who began her arts career by curating underground art exhibits for local artists. She advocates for women’s and immigrant’s rights through her work, and she has frequently worked with immigrant rights organizations to organize art shows. Through July 23, Lucinda will design and bring to life a mural that embodies her artistic flair and values.

Guests at Miraval Arizona will be encouraged to explore their imagination and enhance their intuition through a variety of programs, including “Paint the Music,” a workshop that uses music to immerse guests in a playful atmosphere, while guiding them to produce piece of art. Guests will also be able to partake in another program titled “Artistic Expression Under Glass,” where they learn to embrace their artistic abilities and foster a greater sense of well-being through the art of reverse-painting, a technique that asks guests to work backwards and rethink their approach to accomplishing goals.

Miraval Austin

Self-taught artist Sadé Lawson will be the resident artist at Miraval Austin throughout August. Lawson, who channels “the ambitious and creative energy of women in her life into her artwork,” has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout Austin since 2018. She uses the power of color to address topics from mental well-being and racial identity to hope and inspiration. During her stay at Miraval Austin, Lawson will design a mural by the resort’s Discovery Pool.

Coinciding with Lawson’s residency this summer, Miraval Austin will offer “Mindful Mandala Rock Painting,” a workshop where guests paint and sculpt mandalas, ancient circles that can be used to center oneself and connect with others. Guests will also be able to partake in a new class titled “Suminigashi: The Art of Letting Go.” During this activity, guests paint with ink on water, creating moving marble designs that flow without manipulation.

Miraval Berkshires

In August, painter and graphic designer Jesse Tobin McCauley will be featured as Miraval Berkshires’ artist-in-residence and create a mural in the tunnel that connects the main resort grounds with the Meadowview Farm and Barn. A resident of Pittsfield, MA, Tobin McCauley studied art at Otis College of Art & Design and has worked as a graphic designer in Los Angeles, New York and the Berkshires. She sits on the board of the Berkshire Art Association, a non-profit organization that aims to increase local access to the arts, and is also part of Group W, an art collective that conceptualizes and holds large-scale exhibitions. Her artwork, which is often characterized by bursts of saturated color, evokes a sense of whimsy and joy from its viewers.

At Miraval Berkshires, guests will be able to partake in the mural’s creation process through interactive chalkboard frames that invite guests to answer introspective questions. Prompts such as “What is your intention?” and “What are you grateful for?” will be displayed in the tunnel, and guests will be encouraged to write their answers on the chalkboards and reflect on their Miraval journey. Coinciding with Jesse’s residency, Miraval Berkshires will also launch a new program, “Manifest Your Desires: A Vision Board Creation.” Guests will utilize their creative spirit to construct a vision board, a visual representation of their goals and dreams actualized through imagery and artwork.

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