Nikki Beach, Eden Rock — St Barths on Coral Reef Restoration Project

Nikki Beach Saint Barth has partnered with Island Nature Experiences (INE), Territorial Environment Agency (ATE) and Eden Rock – St Barths on a new coral restoration project called "Eden Reef." Using an innovative BioRock technique, the brands have helped to breathe new life into the island’s coral reefs.

The BioRock technique involves a three-step process to revitalize existing coral and promote its propagation. The coral frags are first attached to copper reinforcements before an energy source is applied. Then, the restoration team boosts the mineralization of the coral and monitors its progress, adjusting where needed to ensure the coral reef continues to thrive and grow. Eden Rock – St Barths and Nikki Beach Saint Barth have joined forces to install a 3,336-square-foot BioRock reef.

Nikki Beach Saint Barth

The results have been very promising, with around 200 coral fragments experiencing significant growth. As a bonus, the restoration project has welcomed back a vibrant variety of fish, including a growing population of juveniles of different species, serving as proof of the successful revitalization of the local marine ecosystem. Visitors are encouraged to engage in this conservation effort and experience the beautiful wildlife firsthand by snorkeling around the reef at their leisure.

Guests additionally have the chance to make a direct impact by adopting coral, participating in planting initiatives or supporting local conservation through donations. As a token of appreciation, Eden Rock will offer private snorkeling excursions for those who contribute through donations, providing an opportunity to witness the restoration project firsthand.

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