Park Hyatt Kyoto Launches New Guest Experiences

Park Hyatt Kyoto is launching tea ceremony, lunch and dinner experiences exclusively for hotel guests at the Sanso Kyoyamato restaurant. Located within Park Hyatt Tokyo’s traditional Japanese garden, the Michelin-starred Kyoyamato has been in operation for seven generations since 1877. Its Soyotei building is the oldest, built during the Edo era. It is famed as the place where a 19th-century revolutionary samurai gathered to strategize overthrowing the shogunate, creating a modern Japan under the Emperor. Guests can choose from one of three offers to enjoy a tea ceremony or multi-course kaiseki dining experiences.

Guests can enjoy a traditional tea ceremony at Soyotei, surrounded by historic hanging scrolls, tea bowls, and utensils crafted by artisans. They can sip on local matcha while taking in the afternoon view. Reservations must be made a week in advance.

Tea ceremony at Park Hyatt Kyoto

Park Hyatt Kyoto is also offering an exclusive dinner at Soyotei. Guests can enjoy a geisha dance performance during the experience. Guests are served a traditional six-course menu with seasonal appetizers, soup, sashimi, a grilled dish, a simmered or steamed dish, traditional side dishes, rice and fruit. This offer is limited to a single pair of guests each day (maximum four guests). The offer does not include beverages. Reservations must be made two weeks in advance.

Guests can also enjoy a six-course lunch made from the freshest seasonal ingredients Soyotei. This is followed by a casual tea ceremony in the approximately 100-year-old tearoom Koro-an. Guests are given the choice of sitting on a traditional tatami mat or a sofa. The experience does not include beverages. Maximum four guests. Reservations must be made a week in advance.

For all of the above experiences, a 100 percent cancelation fee will apply to cancelations made within five days of the reservation.

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