Borgo Egnazia Reopens With Greater Emphasis on Wellness

Borgo Egnazia, located in Puglia, Italy, opened its doors to the public on May 12. The property, one of the first high-end hotels in the region and one which helped in transforming the tourism landscape in Puglia, is placing an even greater emphasis on its wellness programming and safety measures as a direct result of the global pandemic.

During the past year, the team at Borgo Egnazia has worked to ensure greater safety and health measures with the aim of making the guest experience more unique during a challenging time of transition in the world of travel and hospitality. To that end, Borgo Egnazia has completely revamped its wellness programming with a host of new offerings and placed even more focus on making the property a true wellbeing destination.

360 Degree Wellness

Borgo Egnazia’s 360 degree view of wellness incorporates everything from food waste initiatives to minimize its carbon footprint for its F&B operations to a science-based approach that draws heavily on the research into happiness and the pillars that support it. Wellbeing extends to every area of the guest experience from the wide-open spaces in nature set among olive trees to the property’s gastronomic offerings. The property has also recently incorporated a new gastronomic philosophy based on the “Golden Rules;” these are a set of principles for healthy living, scientifically recognized and adapted by Borgo Egnazia’s team of experts to the local traditions and knowledge of contemporary cuisine.

Partnership With Technogym

In an effort to adapt further to the impact of the global pandemic on hospitality, Borgo Egnazia has also partnered with Technogym, a global leader in fitness and wellness, to create a state-of-the-art outdoor gym for hotel guests. Starting in June 2021, Technogym Outdoor will offer an innovative solution for guests to continue their health and fitness programming outside in total safety. Designed and created by Technogym specifically for the outdoors, each area has been designed to maximize the space and to offer users a wide selection of possible exercises. Guests can also use QR code that provides access to a digital library from their smartphone featuring a vast array of exercises and training programs suitable for users with different exercise profiles and goals.

Innovation and Sustainability

Another element launching this summer to enhance the guest experience is a range of electric cars that will be made available to guests. A selection of beautiful, vintage cars ranging from the Fiat 850, 600 Jungla, Panda cabrio, Fiat 500 Spiaggina, have been transformed into unique gems each outfitted with an electric motor. These charming cars are an ideal way to discover Borgo Egnazia and its surroundings, while at the same time respecting the environment. 

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