Rosewood Baha Mar Opens Sense Spa

Rosewood Baha Mar, Rosewood Hotels & Resorts’ first property in The Bahamas, welcomes the brand’s Sense, A Rosewood Spa to the beaches of Nassau. Sense Spa at Rosewood Baha Mar offers spa experiences inspired by The Bahamas’ resources, culture and wellness traditions.

Many of the spa’s treatments are derived from The Bahamas’ centuries-old healing remedies, which stem from the belief that native plants, roots and leaves have health benefits. For hundreds of years, Bahamians have been making tea from the common plants from their own backyards and drinking the tea for therapeutic and medicinal purposes. Sense Spa’s “Lost Remedies” treatments combine this traditional practice with modern products and techniques:

Lost Remedies

Arawak Body-Balance: Drawing from ancient healing practices of the Arawak, some of the first inhabitants of the islands, this treatment utilizes hot and cold compresses to help strengthen the immune system. Beginning with a natural exfoliation from a sea sponge to help increase blood flow, the treatment continues with a body wrap utilizing the moringa leaf, which is known for its antioxidant properties. To cool down, a full-body massage using ointment made from rosemary and sage concludes the treatment.

Lucayan Relief: This signature lost remedy introduces guests to the ancient practice of Bahamian herbal healing. During this treatment, guests soak their feet in the ancient Lignum Vitae or “Tree of Life,” The Bahamas’ national tree that is known for its medicinal properties. This treatment, derived from an ancient Bahamian healing remedy, helps improve lower body circulation and relieves swelling and joint pain. The treatment concludes with a rejuvenating foot anointment, which incorporates heated Cascarilla Oil.

Gullah Geechee Tea Tox: The treatment begins by sipping a local Bahamian tea made of Neem Tree that warms and detoxifies the body from the inside out. The remedy continues with a hot rubbing massage using Neem oil, which contains detoxifying properties, and a full-body envelopment to warm the body from the outside in.

Sense Journeys

Sense Spa also has developed a line of Sense Journeys, treatments that may take guests out of the spa walls for an experience that enriches the mind, body and spirit. These include:

Escape Together: This couples’ treatment takes place in the privacy of Sense Spa’s signature spa suite. The couple begins by combining essential oils into one, symbolizing leaving behind the individual and joining as a couple. The resulting blend is then mixed with bush tea elements—mint, sage and coconut—to form a scrub and wrap. The treatment concludes with a couples’ massage.

Bahamian Journey: This treatment begins with a full-body scrub and wrap infused with Neem and Cassava, herbs known for their detoxifying properties, to cleanse and hydrate the skin. The journey continues with the Bahamian Mood massage, which incorporates locally-sourced essential oils for a relaxing experience from head to toe and concludes with a Fresh & Tone Facial, leaving the skin hydrated.

Sense of Art – Body Canvas: This experience begins with a private tour with a local Bahamian artist to learn about the history of Bahamian art, followed by an interactive activity that lets guests get creative. The journey concludes with a 90-minute intuitive massage in a private spa suite.

Sense Spa at Rosewood Baha Mar also offers several signature facials with EviDenS de Beauté, as well as signature body treatments using products by Maison Caulieres. A selection of signature massages, including a customizable Intuitive Therapy Massage and Ocean Sedative massage, round out Sense Spa’s wellness offerings. Additionally, Sense Spa offers salon treatments including manicure and pedicure treatments, waxing services and hair services, including blowouts.

Sense Spa features one couple’s treatment room, three single treatment rooms and two signature spa suites with a menu of more than 22 specialized treatments.

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