Rosewood Launches New Wellness Retreats at 14 Properties

Rosewood Hotels & Resorts has debuted “Journey to Resilience,” a new wellness retreat concept designed to enhance one’s ability to recover from or adapt easily to change. The retreats will focus on four main behavioral elements to resilience—positivism, purpose, resourcefulness and compassion—through practices to assist guests in recognizing areas of their lives they’d like to restructure or enhance. 

Following a challenging year with stressful periods and rising levels of anxiety, the “Journey to Resilience” retreats will address all aspects of well-being: The physical, the emotional and the mindful. Each retreat will incorporate practices reflective of local wellness traditions and natural surroundings. The “Journey to Resilience” experiences provide a holistic approach, encouraging guests to let go of lifestyle habits, thoughts and behaviors that no longer have a positive impact. Through fitness, nutrition and other well-being therapies, the practices will empower individuals to face life’s challenges with confidence and adaptability and establish a deep inner equilibrium.

Retreat elements at the participating Rosewood properties include:

  • Asaya at Rosewood Hong Kong’s “Journey to Resilience” retreat begins with “Resilience Insights” in the form of a Wellness Lifestyle Assessment and Body Composition Test. Using a face, pulse and tongue diagnosis, practitioners provide guests with an analysis of their body composition to identify that areas require improvement. This retreat includes a Naturopath Consultation, as well as a Stress and Sleep Management lesson to ease and relax the body. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is offered to help balance emotions and allow guests to understand the thoughts and feelings that might influence their actions. Other treatments include a Spiritual Warrior class combining breathing, yoga asanas and martial arts, and the Singing Bowl Therapy, a sound healing technique that uses metal bowls to create different harmonics correlated to various energy centers in the body.
  • Rosewood Bangkok guests will begin the Journey to Resilience program with a consultation by a Spa Concierge and Movement Coach to set personal intentions and gain an understanding of how individual resilience will be strengthened in each step of the retreat. Throughout the journey, guests will experience traditional Thai treatments such as Tai Pew Ngam, a ritual inspired by Thai royal beauties that exfoliate the skin, as well as a Chong Massage reflective of the Chong tribe in eastern Thailand that ultimately improves energy.
  • Rosewood Beijing ensures that each guest who participates in the “Journey to Resilience” retreat engages with the property’s Traditional Chinese Medicine Specialist in a one-on-one session.  During the session, various traditional Chinese medicine rituals will be recommended based on each individual’s needs, such as Tui Na, an ancient exercise that works on the body’s energy points combining kneading, vibration and pressure point movements. Guests will also try authentic Scraping practices that stimulate a sensation of both relaxation and rejuvenation.
  • Rosewood Bermuda provides participants with a Guide to Self-Discovery, encouraging guests to connect with both nature and their inner emotions. The program’s Open-Heart Emotional Yoga takes place on the beach at sunrise, and the Vagus Nerve Facial Experience targets the longest cranial nerve in the body which helps regulate sleep and balance emotions.
  • Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco’s program is designed for guests to reconnect with both their own body and nature, while immersed in a UNESCO-listed countryside escape. A holistic journey for rejuvenation and relaxation for the body and mind, the package includes a curated program of activities, including Forest Bathingand a vegetable-based cooking class.
  • Rosewood Guangzhou’s “Journey to Resilience” includes dedicated meditation periods and stretching and healing therapies, along with targeted massages at the hotel’s Asaya Active center to improve the body’s strength.
  • Hôtel de Crillon, A Rosewood Hotel will offer guests Weightless Water Yoga, a meditative aqua journey that teaches individuals how to control their breathing, concentration and balance, as well as a Neurotherapy Session that can measure and monitor neurofeedback and identify which activities give rise to unwanted symptoms. Once the results are analyzed, a training plan is created to allow the mind back into a comfortable, efficient and more resilient state.
  • Las Ventanas Al Paraíso, A Rosewood Resort provides a curated holistic program that balances the body and mind through both physical and mental practices including Yin Yoga Release with the goal to release and relax the body and a Hatha Breath and Flow exercise that incorporates posture practice to strengthen and promote flexibility. A Guided Mindful Meditation and a Grounding Stone Massage are also incorporated into the retreat.
  • Rosewood Little Dix Bay immerses participants in the island’s natural wonders through grounding practices, such as Sunrise Meditation at The Baths, taking guests on a journey to Virgin Gorda’s iconic Baths for a breathing exercise amongst the ocean at daybreak.
  • Rosewood London takes guests on a resilience journey with practices including an Osteopath session, an alternative medicine that emphasizes physical manipulation of the body’s muscles, and dedicated sleep rituals, such as an Antidote Sleep by Votary treatment followed by a Votary turndown amenity. The journey will continue with guests participating in an Awakening Crystal Soundbath, Joint Reiki Healing Session and CBD Unwind Massage.
  • Rosewood Miramar Beach invites guests to embark on a resilient journey on the California coast with health specialist Stacy J. Shymansky, MH, MCE, founder and CEO of Medicine Women Health Consulting. Offering a series of alternative healing modalities, treatments include a Sleep Rejuvenation Program, Aromatherapy Session, CBD Therapy Massage and Peaceful Rest Sound Bath.
  • Rosewood Mayakoba will focus on boosting immunity with ancient and revitalizing practices rooted in Riviera Maya. Guests will begin with a personal meeting with visiting Ayurveda and Aromatherapy Clinician, David Seymour, to set intentions and design their custom programs. Therapies include the Conscious Body Ritual, a lymphatic drainage massage removing toxins from the body with the use of 11 essential oil blends, the Prana Ritual, a treatment focused on the scent, awaking the memory while resetting the limbic system, which balances emotion and energy, and The Rhythms of Nature, a vibrational therapy focusing on sound and the rhythms of nature to elevate consciousness and encourage full body meditation.
  • Rosewood Phnom Penh’s targeted therapies include a Body Alignment Session with Chiropractor Marie Lebvefre, Foot and Nail Health Consultation with in-house Podiatrist Charlotte Poupard and mind and emotion exercises, such as Reiki Sessions, Sound Healing Therapy and a Mindful Walk and Monk Blessing at Wat Phnom the city’s tallest religious structure surrounded by a nature park dating back to 1374.
  • Rosewood Sanya has created a Journey to Resilience retreat focused on balancing the entirety of one’s body through treatments and practices such as Silent Mind Yoga with a private practitioner, Hainan Traditional Therapy, a traditional healing experience targeting circulation and overall body balance and a Llee Kuding Tea Ritual.

The multi-day ”Journey to Resilience” includes a two-night minimum stay.

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