SHA Wellness Clinic to Include Insurance With All Stays

SHA Wellness Clinic in Alicante, Spain, (about 90 minutes south of Valencia) announced new measures to put its guests’ health, safety and peace of mind. Upon reopening on July 22, SHA will offer a comprehensive “SHA Insurance” as a benefit at no additional cost. This service will be active from the moment guests check-in until the end of their stay.  

The insurance includes:  

  • Medical and healthcare, including COVID-19 (coronavirus) infection during their stay should they test positive upon arrival
  • Full coverage of repatriation or healthcare transportation of injured or ill patients 
  • Prolonged stay expenses due to medical quarantine 
  • Loss of unused services 
  • Possibility of medical teleconsultation service 
  • Reimbursement for vacations not taken

This insurance is an addition to a variety of reopening measures recently announced, including the addition of a health pack for immune system strengthening, UV technology and intensified cleaning protocols to ensure all rooms and space are properly disinfected, thermal cameras as access points and more.

Guests are required or recommended to take a COVID-19 PCR or Igm/IgG test before arriving at SHA, based on the presence of symptoms or likelihood of infection. As soon as guests arrive at SHA, they will be given a medical check-up which, from now on, will include an antibody test (IgM/IgG). In addition, all staff must be tested before returning to work. Guests will also be given a health kit, which includes a face mask, disinfectant hand gel and gloves.

Good to know: All stays this year include an immunotherapy consultation and lymphocyte profiling to assess the current state of guests’ immune system. SHA has also developed and increased treatments for boosting the immune system, including stem-cell therapy, infra-red heat, optimum electromagnetic balancing, ozone treatments, saline therapy treatments, vitamin C megadosage, stress management sessions, immunosenescence profiling, cell regeneration and more. Further, the wellness clinic has developed a specially designed immune system strengthening pack combining the most effective therapies.

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