Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa Reduces Water Usage by 42%

Since Cape Town’s drought last year, the city has nearly filled its reservoirs. The city has increased water levels by 158 percent since January, according to WESGRO, the tourism agency for Cape Town and the Western Cape. At the height of the drought, local citizens, businesses and governments worked together to implement water conservation measures; efforts that have led to the United Nations recognizing Cape Town as a world leader in sustainability best practices.

The Travel Corporation’s Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa has been one of those businesses working to improve its water conservation practices. After implementing more than 30 separate initiatives, the hotel has reduced its water usage by 42 percent since last year.

The steps the Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa has taken include: placing water aerators on all shows and basins in the hotel, reducing flow from nine liters per minute to only one; installing waterless urinals; saving all used bottled water from the property’s spa, conference rooms, guest rooms and vehicles, and using it for cleaning the floors; collecting storm water in tanks to use on lawns and herb gardens; and collecting condensation from heat pumps and ice machines to use in gardening and cleaning.

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