Hyatt Regency Minneapolis Opens Kosher Kitchen

Kosher travelers know how hard it is to stick to the strict dietary regulations when on the road. But visitors to Minneapolis now have a new place to go for a solid meal that follows all the ancient rules. 

The Hyatt Regency Minneapolis, one of the largest hotel properties in the Twin Cities, has opened a new Kosher Kitchen and launched a special menu for kosher diners. The on-site banquet kitchen is kept separate from the main one, guaranteeing no cross-contamination and making the venue a good pick for kosher events including Jewish weddings and Bar and Bat Mitzvahs.

Hyatt Regency Minneapolis’ Kosher Kitchen is led by Executive Chef Aaron Hagerdorn. The special menu offers a solid variety of dishes, including a Mediterranean station complete with assorted olives, flat breads, and house-made hummus and classic desserts like babkas and rugelechs. (The hotel’s kosher menu is available upon prior request for groups or individual guests, and custom menus are also available upon request.)

Preparing kosher food requires a great deal of precision, as it must adhere to strict religious standards. According to Orthodox law, kosher meals cannot be prepared with the same dishes, utensils or ingredients that were previously used to make non-kosher food. The Hyatt Regency Minneapolis has designated a separate room near the new North Star Ballroom with its own equipment for this purpose. The kosher kitchen contains all stainless-steel appliances, and houses two sets of small kitchen equipment and utensils such as blenders, food processers, pots and pans. This allows the hotel to accommodate both meat and dairy kosher meals. All equipment and the kitchen itself were blessed by Rabbi Shimon Perez of the Kehila Kashruth of Minnesota. For more information or to book an event, call 800-233-1234 or visit