Limited Time Only Opens - Rotating Chefs Invade NYC

Foodies rejoice: a new revolving kitchen is now accepting reservations on East Broadway in New York brought to you by Ron Castellano and PPX Hospitality.

Sink your teeth into Limited Time Only - visiting culinary wizards are going to be rotating in and out  - sometimes on month-long stints and sometimes just for the day, so you have to keeping checking in to see whose fueling the fire.

Every sort of cuisine and chef is going to be passing though the radar - RJ Cooper of Rouge 24 in D.C. has already commandeered the kitchen and next up is Fatty 'Cue, a collaboration between restauranteur Rick Camac and chef Zakary Pelaccio.

And don't worry. it's not just food, oh no. Additionally, a rotating section of seasonal cocktails crafted by the LTO team as well as by guest bartenders and chefs, will be shaken and stirred nightly until 4 am.