Local Cuisine From Azamara Club Cruises

foodAzamara Club Cruises has announced a new "Cruise Global, Eat Local" program in which guests can eat meals at a curated selection of local restaurants. 

The program is kicking off in Europe this summer with 35 restaurant recommendations across 27 European ports, including La Gomera, Canary Islands; Split, Croatia; Santorini, Greece; Sorrento, Italy; Barcelona, Spain; and Marseille, France. Each destination offers a local dining experience for guests.
There are three ways to enjoy this destination experience:

1.    Pair lunch with a tour — Following select half-day excursions, coaches journey to the selected Cruise Global, Eat Local restaurant for the ultimate in destination immersion dining experience.

2.    Take a private car — Azamara will arrange private transportation to and from the restaurant.

3.    Go independently — Azamara will help the guest select a restaurant to enjoy. Restaurants are within proximity of the ship.

Transportation following a half-day excursion to the restaurant is only available on select excursions. Transportation to the restaurant from the ship may be required.