Luxe Island in Mexico to Host Gastronomic Festival

Calling all foodies to Mexico! Holbox, a small island off the coast of Cancun, will host the Second Annual Holbox Gastronomic Festival October 15-18 and will celebrate the region’s A-list chefs and haute cuisine.

Chef Roberto Solis, owner of Nectar restaurant in Merida, will be honored at this year’s festival. Chef Solis specializes in Yucatecan fare, using the fundamentals of this cuisine and incorporating local herbs, spices and meats of the region.

On October 15, the festival will celebrate a local Holbox staple: octopus. Fifteen chefs will create distinctive dishes using this main ingredient for a unique tasting session. In addition, a VIP invitation-only event will feature a five-course meal created by Chef Solis and local Holbox chefs.

Organized by the Island of Holbox Restaurant Association, the Festival will draw locals and tourists to the small Mexican island located just Northwest of Cancun.