New Hiking Package Explores Amalfi Coast

Photo by Segar

Ciclismo Classico is adding a new hiking and culinary tour of the Amalfi Coast with chef Dante de Magistris. Guests will be able to hike the relaxing trials and coastal roads. The sights will be picturesque, including olive trees, fishing inlets, beach resorts and citrus groves. Along the way, hikers will hear about Dante’s family history in the region as he creates picnic lunches. He will also share his cooking tips and welcome travelers into his home.

Guests will take a ferry to the isle of Capri where they’ll explore ancient ruins and see the new Faraglioni rocks that jut out into the sea. Another highlight includes a stop at a limoncello factory. Overall, the package includes a cooking lesson with Magistris, five days of coastal hiking (about four-hours a day), samples of fresh vegetables, gnocchi, local wines, olive oil and more. Visitors will also explore Posotano, Ravello, and Capri.

Magistris is the executive chef and co-owner of Restaurant Dante in Cambridge, MA, as well as Il Casale Belmont.