No Snow? No Problem. Behold the Rise of Extreme Summer Skiing

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by Helen Coffey, The Daily Telegraph, August 8, 2016

Summer is always a drag for skiers and snowboarders, particularly freestylers who are forced to while away the hours without so much as a quick Alley Oop to keep them entertained.

There are those who have, over the years, valiantly attempted to ski without a snowflake in sight, whether it be on grass, water or segway . A group of skiers from Finland, however, have made the best effort to stave off the summer ski blues we've seen so far.

Who needs snow when you have sand?

The group, known as the Real Skifi, have filmed increasingly inventive methods of practising their favourite sport despite having access to neither a mountain nor snow. Not even fake snow.

Shooting in Jyvaskyla, Finland, the team took to grass, sand and railings on their skis, using a range of tactics to get around without the help of the cold stuff – including bungee tows and skateboards.

This isn't the first time they've filmed their urban exploits – Real Skifi have been producing videos of their stunts since 2011. The crew consists of five Finnish lads all with, in their own words, "unpronounceable names": twin brothers Ilkka and Verneri Hannula, Juho Kilkki, Janne Korpela and Anton Geier.

If they set out to prove that you can ski literally anything – a bare rockface, a park bench, your granny's knitting – they've succeeded.

The final trick involves flipping into a river

There are many highlights, but a stand-out moment involves skiing across a bridge on a skateboard before doing a flip into what is – one can only imagine – an exceedingly cold river. 

Now that's dedication.

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