One Space Showcases Luxury Hair Salon BRUNEBLONDE

Hong Kong-based integrated design studio One Space has announced that it brought Parisian luxury to the Grand Hyatt Hotel Hong Kong with the opening of independent hair salon BRUNEBLONDE, which was founded by hairstylists Roland Boutin and David Gouygou.

The salon is an addition to One Space’s list of luxury commercial, retail and residential projects. The architects worked with Boutin and Gouygou to create the salon.

According to One Space’s architect co-founder Greg Pearce, BRUNEBLONDE required an intimate interior, so the company created a Parisian ‘appartement’ setting – a reinterpretation of that city’s 1940’s-era salon interiors. The overall appearance of the “living-room-cum-hair-salon” was accentuated by the insertions of the owners’ private collection of furniture, objets d’art and artworks.

The salon is visible from the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong’s lobby, and key design elements include: a transparent frontage, boasting crafted timber wall paneling in anthracite and white; integration of with deep-set and internally lighted voids for the display of the salon’s own custom-formulated hair and skin products; and lighting that was designed to achieve good color rendition and shadowless illumination.

BRUNEBLONDE features two distinct areas: a women’s styling area and men’s styling area. The former is characterized by its simple ambience, with white leather styling chairs on natural grey limestone floors. An eight-meter long wall of hand-crafted, highly-polished copper, sculpted in three dimensions to emphasize its mass, mediates between the outside world and the salon. Along the opposite wall, a flowing, line-drawing-style mural created by Italian artists Vittorio Locatelli and Carlo Ninchi is reflected in the nearby copper surfaces.

The men’s styling area is arranged to recall the glory of the classic barber shop, albeit it is modernized with detailed timber paneling, charcoal leather walls, chrome detailing and oak floors.

The centerpiece of the salon’s reception area is a crafted table designed by One Space, used for product display and demonstrations.

The shampoo room has polished Carrera marble floors, white Corian countertops, lighting coves and fully relining rich leather shampoo beds.

The path from Reception to the Women’s Styling Area lays out a dramatic journey, marked by an 8m long wall of hand-crafted, highly-polished copper.

Meanwhile, the VIP rooms can be co-joined as one for companions, or separated by a sliding panel.

Established in 2004, One Space is the only integrated architecture and technology provider in Asia designing high-end commercial and business interiors. The Hong Kong-based studio was co-founded by Greg Pearce, an architect licensed in the UK and Hong Kong, and James Oliver, a technology specialist from a Wall Street global investment bank.