Palace Hotel Tokyo Celebrates the New Year

Want to shake it up this New Year's Eve? Ring in the New Year in the Land of the Rising Sun.

We hear that Palace Hotel Tokyo is kicking off 2014 with a fusion of ancient ceremonies, arts and experiences. 

Culinary customs (like eating toshikoshi soba noodles) will be presented by the hotel's Japanese chefs, while an iwaigumi will be on hand to demonstrate the tradition of mochi-making. 

Travelers staying in the hotel will have the opportunity to participate in hatsugama - the first tea ceremony of the new year. From December 31 to January 2, traditionally dressed musicians in the hotel lobby will play holiday tunes on the koto - a classic Japanese instrument that dates back to the 8th century.

A New Year's Day dinner concert will feature a performance on the 20-string koto by Gayo Nakagaki, followed by music from a philharmonic orchestra with operatic accompaniment. The hotel has also invited Japan's top magician Kyoko, and juggling masters the Kikyo Brothers, to provide entertainment. 

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