Remote Lands Offers New Private Cruise Itineraries to Indonesia

IndonesiaRemote Lands, is launching a range of new private cruise itineraries traveling to Indonesia.

Remote Lands’ itineraries will invite guests aboard a private luxury schooner, designed in traditional Indonesian style. Each vessel includes a private crew with chefs and diving instructors, as well as diving equipment as standard. Remote Lands will also be working with its partner, Aman, to debut the new Amandira boat, which will join the existing Amanikan vessel to offer the new sailings. 

New itineraries will include the “Breathtaking Cruise from Maumere to Ambon”, which will pass through several of Indonesia’s top dive sites. The 14-day cruise will invite guests to snorkel off the coast of Kumba and hike the volcanic islands of Teun, Serua and Nila. 

For history and anthropology buffs, the “Historic Maluku Islands” cruise will have travelers trek through the ruins of ancient Portuguese fortresses on the island of Tidore, while nature lovers can enjoy the “Gili, Satonda & Komodo: Island Hopping in Indonesia” sailing, which includes hiking a massive crater lake on Satonda Island and getting up close with Komodo Dragons at Komodo National Park. 

Photographers will appreciate the scenery on the “Cruising the Spectacular Raja Ampat Archipelago” voyage, with a hike through the jungles of Gam and views of exotic wildlife such as the famous “Red Bird-of-Paradise”. 

Indonesia is the world's largest archipelago with over 17,000 islands.