Rome Attractions: What To See And Do In Autumn

Lee Marshall, The Daily Telegraph, October 4, 2012

With romani flooding back from their August exodus, the Eternal City returns to its usual, chaotic, working rhythm in September. Any visitor seeking a quieter stay will have to wait until late November, or come well after the Christmas and New Year rush is over.

These mid-seasons are a leap into the unknown as far as weather is concerned – you could find glorious sunshine or a days of driving rain – but at least you’ll find the crowds less daunting.

You’ll find the crowds less daunting in autumn

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Vermeer, the Golden Century of Dutch Art
September 27 - January 20

The Scuderie del Quirinale ( ) is the venue for Italy’s first ever major show – entitled The Golden Century of Dutch Art – of works by 17th-century genius Johannes Vermeer. The Scuderie will follow up from February with an exhibition of masterpieces by Titian. Given the popularity of this venue’s excellent exhibitions, it’s best to book tickets (€12, €9.50 reductions) and time slot on-line, otherwise you face a long queue to enter.

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The museum-like reception rooms at Villa Spalleti

Romaeuropa Festival
September 26 - November 25

The autumn sees the return of the Romaeuropa Festival ( ) with its exceptional, world-class programme of contemporary dance, music and theatre performed in venues around the city. This year’s festival includes a tribute to US composer Philip Glass for his 75th birthday. Ticket prices vary greatly depending on venue and event; they can all be booked on line. For dedicated festival-followers there’s a five-show pass at €80.

Along the Silk Road
October 27 - March 24

A fascinating collection of textiles, artefacts and art works goes on display at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni ( ) in October, charting a journey along the ancient Silk Road, which for centuries carried merchants from the Mediterranean to China. Tickets (€12.50, €10 reductions, include all the shows on inside this huge exhibition space) can be booked on line or purchased at the door.

The Palazzo delle Esposizioni

Paul Klee and Italy
October 9 - January 27

Swiss-German artist Paul Klee made many visits to Italy. This show at the Galleria Nazionale di Arte Moderna ( ) displays works made during, and inspired by, his journeys. Tickets (€10, €7.50 reductions) can be purchased at the door.

Days of Rome. The Age of Balance
October 4 - April 28

The Capitoline museums ( ) play host to a stunning exhibition of artworks from the golden age when ancient Rome enjoyed prosperity and remarkable peace under the emperors Trajan and Hadrian (AD 98-138). Buy tickets (€12, €10 reductions) on the door, or book on-line through in order to go straight to the head of possible queues.

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