A Time to Communicate

With summer winding down, the kids heading back to school and life getting back to some semblance of normalcy and routine, I find it a perfect time to start communicating. Communication can mean a lot of things; here’s the rundown.

1. Research and find out what is hot in travel this fall, index all the prevalent deals that are out there and take the time to be up-to-date on pricing. Look forward to the December holiday week: no matter the recession or where the economy is, the week leading into New Year’s always sells out. Get on top of it; your clients could pick up some great packages and deals if booked now.

2. Take the time to speak to your clients with no intentions of selling them anything. Find and understand their needs, learn more about their lives and inquire about future special occasions—marriages, anniversaries, etc.

3. Excite them. I was recently having a conversation with several people about future travel plans and we concluded that amazing deals were still out there for the taking. I even joked that, in some cases, the travel supplier will pay you to book their destination, hotel or tour. The result: Consumers will start thinking harder about going on a vacation.

That’s my three-point communication plan for you. Recently, we communicated and shared our own information and ideas with industry leaders of Europe (pictured above). We talked about market conditions and discussed how to spur more bookings to this amazing part of the world. It also gave me the chance to update these industry leaders—or should I say excite them—on our relationship with you, the luxury travel professional.

See, I practice what I preach!


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