Cox & Kings Offer Top 10 Travel Trend for 2013

 2013 is almost upon us. For those of you looking ahead, Cox & Kings has released its forecast on the travel trends to watch in the coming year.

1. Insta-Travel

Five years ago, during the first wave of smartphones, the travel industry could not have anticipated the effect posting, liking, picture-taking, video-ing, re-pinning and sharing would have on how consumers experience their journeys. Today, one needn’t fret on where to buy the best postcard — Tweeting a picture or simply sharing one on Instagram drives the “Wish You Were Here!” message more effectively (not to mention with better photo-enhancing filters).

2. The Art Collector's Guide to Travel

Some argue that there’s no better travel memento than a piece of art from an exciting destination. Art collecting on the go is on the rise, with street art — including one-of-a-kind, yet relatively inexpensive pieces — being particularly in demand among hip travelers with a keen design eye. 

3. The Return of the Big Trip

As the economic climate steadies itself — with luxury advertising for global brands a driving force — consumer confidence in extended luxury vacations is returning, with tour operators such as Cox & Kings seeing a strong increase in long-lead bookings, several as remarkable as a year out from departure dates. 

4. Safe Solo Female Travel

Traveling solo as a woman can be a particularly complicated endeavor with many elements to consider, including general safety precautions, physical appearance and dress, and specific cultural norms and etiquette.

5. Epicurean Latin America

There has been an increased emphasis on the “personal touch” travel companies can deliver to clients, with customized culinary adventures chief on the list.

6. Journey to Cold War Remnants

Cox & Kings is encouraging travelers to get beyond politics and explore countries that have figured heavily in our national history, many of which there is little experienced firsthand. With its new 2013 Discovery Group Journey “North Korea Explorer,” Cox & Kings invites travelers to experience one of the most mysterious countries in the world: from hiking through its mountains and rivers to strolling the grounds of its majestic imperial palaces.

7. Global-ympian Travel

Travelers are encouraged to venture to global hotspots — Russia (Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi), Brazil (World Cup 2014, Summer Olympics 2016 in Rio) — prior to their hosting of massive world events. It helps that these countries are also emerging world powerhouses.

8. Retracing Footsteps: Historic Trails

The opportunity to venture down old paths is enticing to travelers eager to make new discoveries along the way.

9. Meaningful Far-Flung Family Travel

Traveling with family in tow can seem daunting at first, but with the planning and expertise of companies like Cox & Kings, family adventures can also be among the most valuable, bonding experiences in life.

10. Top Destination Picks for 2013

Cox & Kings’ picks for emerging destinations in 2013 are based on a place’s unexpected offerings — the element of surprise that these countries and cities bring to the table: Myanmar, for its incredible cultural history and low level of Westernization; India, for the Maha Kumbh Mela Festival taking place in early 2013, one of the largest holy gatherings on Earth; Southern India and Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan, for new perspectives on the sub-continent; the Baltic states Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia — formerly of the Soviet Union — boast incredible medieval architecture; Colombia, a diamond in the rough, home to some great South American adventure, culture and food; and Botswana, its Okavango Delta remarkable for being Africa’s “last wilderness.”

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