Do You Have the Sizzle?

What is corporate culture? In any big business, corporate culture is what motivates and defines how employees present themselves.  During the Internet revolution, these were the companies that changed the face of corporate America. They shunned the tie and embraced an open work environment. If you worked for a dot-com, you most likely wouldn’t be caught dead in a tie. Offices might have had pool tables and relaxation areas where employees could recharge their batteries. That mentality has spilled over into businesses today, as many try to create and define the next corporate culture that will further improve work productivity. 

What is your company’s corporate culture? Do you have one? If not, it may be time to create one that fits your business. It shouldn’t happen on its own or be controlled by one person. It needs to be carefully planned. You should take into consideration the type of travel you book, your location and current clients and the direction you want to take your agency. Some travel advisors’ personalities that I have experienced have been sophisticated, modern, fun and relaxed. The best are the ones that look like they’re always on vacation, wearing sandals and Hawaiian shirts…nothing wrong with it; it works!

Most hotels make corporate culture their top priority, as it will define the guest experience. Last month, Luxury Travel Advisor threw a party at Virtuoso Travel Mart.  The event was held in The Cosmopolitan’s new Penthouse Suite that just became available to guests. Here is a hotel that, before opening, had been passed around the financial community like a hot potato. No one knew what it was going to be until John Unwin, the current CEO of The Cosmopolitan, got his hands on it. John took a structure and gave it corporate culture, personality and sizzle. This hotel has a vibe and, as they say, “Just The Right Amount Of Wrong,” from its three-story chandelier bar to its secret pizza joint that you have to find on you own. Don’t forget, it also has the world’s largest nightclub. So go ahead and create your business personality, and put a little sizzle in it.



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