Get Ready to be Wowed


If you are a true luxury travel advisor and at the top of your game, there is probably not much you don’t know about the business. So, then, how do you take it to the next level? How do you make sure you are serving your customer not just properly, but superlatively? How can you be sure you are prospecting in the right places? As a top-producing travel advisor, you should be continually asking yourself these types of questions.

I ran into Marilyn Harvey, owner of Breezy Point Travel, one recent Sunday morning this summer. After a cordial hello, the first thing she asked me was my opinion on what I thought would be the hot new destinations on the horizon. She brought up her consortia and wondered whether she was getting the best return she could. It was obvious that Harvey had a strong need to stay on top of her game. In summary, she wanted to drive the “wow” factor for her clients and she was looking for a consortia that could match her ambition and, above all, stay on top of the travel trends.

Pictured here with me is Valerie Wilson of Valerie Wilson Travel and Paul Nash, general manager of The St Regis New York, which just unveiled its 1,700-square-foot Tiffany Suite. In my mind, this $8,500-a-night, heaven-on-earth suite is every woman’s dream spot. Valerie didn’t think twice about attending this unveiling, as her commitment to staying informed on the latest over-the-top suites she and her advisors will be booking was readily apparent.

This December, Luxury Travel Expo will give you that same type of opportunity.  With more than 500 exhibitors, including all the luxury consortium in the industry, you will have the opportunity to find that wow that will let you stay on top of your business. Both The St. Regis team and Valerie will be present to educate you and share their perfect experiences. In fact, Valerie is ready to publish the second part of her beautiful Top Hotels & Resorts book and she’ll be present to give you insider tips on some of her favorite properties. Now, that’s a wow unto itself. How could you possibly miss this?

To learn more and find out how to register, visit page 100 of this issue. See you in Las Vegas in December!

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