More Talking, Less Typing

John McMahon, Executive Vice President/Group PublisherIt always seems that we are constantly on the run, whether in personal or professional life. Sleep is now is the only true downtime. They keep saying technology will make our life easier. I would say it has made us more productive and given us the ability to work 24/7. But, what it’s also done is created habits that didn’t exist before. Try not looking at an electronic device for a short period of time. How long can you last? I know I struggle not to jump back onto the information highway that is always an arm’s length away.

Pictured: John McMahon, Executive Vice President/Group Publisher

When I was growing up, punishment for getting in trouble was being sent to your room, from where the world was not accessible. I didn’t like it, but it did calm a young boy down. The choice of discipline today is taking away your child’s phone. This is not like sending them to their room, but more like locking them in a coffin. This device that accesses the information highway is a digital lifeline and is considered a sixth organ now. And, all that’s reflected in our work. It’s a go-go mentality and many times we don’t even stop to think. We sell, sell, sell and serve, serve, serve. 

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In late May, Luxury Travel Advisor held its Ultra Summit. We didn’t go as far as to take away electronic devices at the door, but we did slow it down a bit and collaborated so that we could have actual dialogue and debate the future of luxury travel. The words I kept hearing from advisors and suppliers about Ultra was that it was “refreshing, engaging, thought provoking, and collaborative.” The end result is that we all walked away feeling stronger and smarter based on participating and not just listening. 

A single mind is a dangerous tool, but many minds working together is a powerful one. Relationships were solidified and business was conducted in a real-world environment called “talking.” What a concept!

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