Top Three Management Tips: Steve Orens, Plaza Travel

Trying to take your agency to the next level? Luxury Travel Advisor spoke with Steve Orens, president of Plaza Travel, who appeared on our magazine’s cover in June 2012.

We asked Orens, who has been in the travel industry for over 27 years, and is a Certified Travel Industry Executive as well vice chairman of the Board of Directors of Signature Travel Network, his Top Three Management Tips.  

1. Make Sure Your Staff Knows You’re on Their Team

My staff always knows I have their back. They can count on my support and dedication to them, and in return they provide the same. There are always things that come up – issues, challenges, errors. While we’d all like to avoid these things, they are reality. I always allow the staff to learn from these issues, and don’t over-react. That avoids the fear of being “caught” or “hiding” the issue. From there we can use it as a learning experience. Most times these things will not happen again.

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2. Be a Role Model

The best way to cultivate and keep a good staff is to treat them the way you want them to treat you, their peers and your clients – I like to lead by example. There’s nothing that I ask my staff to do that I have not done. It helps when you actually know how to do the things you are trying to coach, mentor or guide people on – it makes a difference. And, I always interact with my staff in the way I ask them to interact with each other and our clients. 

3. Be Consistent

I never want my staff to be surprised by my actions or decisions. While it’s not about doing things that people won’t question, it’s about the confidence your staff has in you that you will drive the bus in the right direction. It takes time to earn this respect, and consistency is extremely important. It’s a long road, but well worth the efforts.

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