Travel Is the No. 1 Priority for American 30- and 40-Somethings

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Traveling surpassed marriage, children, career and owning a home as the No. 1 "bucket-list" goal for Americans in their 30s and 40s, according to new research. The study, conducted by third party research firm Mortar for group travel company Flash Pack, found this age group increasingly willing to postpone traditional goals in favor of experiencing the world now.

The new study looked at a random selection of 1,000 men and women from across the United States ages 30-49. The study, as part of Flash Pack’s "No More Not Yets" campaign, looked at the next generation of retirees, asking how their biggest "not yets" have changed from previous years and what they are and are not willing to put off in life.

Here are some other highlights from the research:

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  • Fifty-four percent would choose to invest in experiences while they are young over saving for house
  • Forty-three percent would prefer to advance in their career before marriage and having children
  • Working in a dream profession is a goal that is over three times more desirable than having children
  • Forty-four percent would like to have amazing experiences before getting married of having children
  • Eighty-four percent of respondents would not think twice about spending $4,000 on the trip of a lifetime while 66 percent would hesitate to spend the average $33,391 on a wedding
  • Sixty-two percent have either considered booking a solo trip or have traveled solo in the past year
  • Eighty percent said that seeing aging family members with ailments and restrictions made them want to live in the moment and spend their retirement funds now
  • Eighty-eight percent have some fears that they may not be able to travel post retirement, with 55 percent concerned they will not have enough money saved and 53 percent nervous they may not be healthy enough by then

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