Sacred Earth Journey Offers Writers’ Workshop on Greek Island

Writers of all styles and experiences levels are invited to receive professional coaching from bestselling author Phil Cousineau on a Sacred Earth Journeys Writers' Retreat.

From October 6-16, guests will be working with the author/filmmaker/scriptwriter on the island of Hydra, located in Greece’s Aegean Sea. With Cousineau, participants will polish their story-telling skills and gain insights into navigating the publishing business.
Each student will get one-on-one consultations in addition to interactive group sessions, so to ensure maximum personal attention Hydra Writer’s Retreat is limited to only 15 participants. Early registration is recommended because of the select number of participants. 
Each day will begin with a reading from Greek literature of Cousineau’s choice, before beginning the writing sessions, which includes creative games, exercises in visualization, story structure experimentation and dialogue writing. There will be time for both personal creative solitude and social interaction and networking.

On Hydra, all private motor vehicles are prohibited, so all transportation is by horse, mule, donkey, or water taxi. Hotel accommodations include free Wi-Fi, classic Greek food and beverage, and a welcome and farewell dinner.