Silversea Adds New Punch to Website

Silversea has relaunched a redesigned version of its website as the first step in the cruise line's new visual identity. 

The new site has also improved navigation and optimization for mobile devices, Silversea said. 

Guests and travel agents will see changes also in the line's brochures and other marketing materials as the new visual branding initiative rolls out over the coming weeks. These include new logo elements, tone of voice, and an inspiring imagery style. The new look leverages key colors to convey a sense of indulgence and adventure. Black-and-white photography evokes savored memories, while creative use of photographic views illuminates the remoteness of certain destinations, or brings guests closer to unique experiences.

"As with our new visual identity, we wanted our website's new design to reflect the uniqueness of the Silversea luxury cruise experience," said Kristian Anderson, Silversea's senior vice president and general manager for the Americas. "Each page invites travelers to explore the world in a more meaningful way aboard intimate boutique ships, renowned for their all-inclusiveness, personalized service, and tailor-made tours ashore."

A key attribute of the new website is the integration of information on expedition cruises with the line's ocean-going luxury cruises. Unlike the previous site design, which featured Silversea Expeditions on a microsite, visitors can now easily search for such information as Alaska cruises, for example, for both products at once. Throughout the site, the Silversea Expeditions company name is highlighted in a bold red font to distinguish the expedition voyages from the line's traditional cruises.

Another enhancement is the site's responsive design. As more and more travelers search Internet content from their mobile devices, website designs geared to desktop computer screens are losing relevance. Silversea's new generation of website caters to today's connected travelers who access information across multiple devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Whether at home or on the go, visitors can now readily navigate the new site by clicking on tabs that offer information on destinations, ships, services, enrichment programs, (e.g., culinary and wine cruises, etc.), exclusive offers, and more.

Advisors can view the new website here: