Fiji on Track to Reopen by December

With over 92 percent of the target population receiving their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccination and over 41 percent now fully vaccinated, Fiji is making significant progress towards its goal of reopening by December 2021.

As part of the preparations for reopening Fiji, Tourism Fiji has launched a new local initiative to encourage all Fijians to get vaccinated and be ready for travel to resume when restrictions are lifted. The message? “It’s our best shot at travel: Get vaccinated and get ready.”

To ensure the health and safety of both travelers and locals upon borders reopening, the Fijian tourism industry has widely adopted the “Care Fiji Commitment,” a World Health Organization-approved standard of health and safety measures designed to align the industry to safe travel norms in a post-COVID world. Tourism operators are working to achieve 100 percent vaccination of all eligible staff and will receive the “Care Fiji Commitment” 100 percent Vaccination Stamp once completed. To date, there are 46 Fiji resorts that have achieved 100 percent vaccination of their staff.

“We are at crossroads of a new age of travel and tourism where resumption of international travel is pinned on a silver bullet—COVID-19 vaccine,” said Minister for Commerce, Trade, Tourism and Transport, Hon. Faiyaz Koya. “Vaccinating our target population not only ensures we keep our communities safe, but also that we are ready to welcome the world back to our shores and get Fijians back to the jobs they love.”

Additionally, Tourism Fiji North America has launched an interactive marketing campaign, called “Find Your Bula” to encourage consumers to start dreaming and planning their trip to Fiji. The campaign is centered around a quiz to help travelers to find their “Bula” and receive travel suggestions matching their preferences. The campaign plays off of the Fijian greeting “bula”—a term with many meanings, including hello, happiness, good health and the energy of life.

Note: While Fiji’s borders remain mostly closed to all travel (except repatriation flights), there are currently two programs that allow visitors into the country under special circumstances. These include the “Luxury Vacation in Paradise” program for private island buyouts, as well as the “Blue Lanes” program for private yachts and superyachts.

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