Benefits of Booking Travel in Advance

Travel agents should actively encourage their clients to book their travel plans early as clients will benefit in terms of getting the best prices, services and expertise. 

Learn how to boost your bookings with these helpful tips to get your clients to finalize their future travel plans now.  


The Best and Most Choices

Booking early means clients have the best chance of getting the hotel, room category, and flight itinerary they want. Let them know that the longer they wait to book, the greater the chance of them having to make compromises when it comes to their dream vacation—something no one would want to do. Be sure to send them specific package information to get them to make the commitment now. Destinations where booking early can make a difference includeEurope, Caribbean, Mexico, and Hawaii. Packages can start as low as $495 for a three-night trip to London, $1045 for a five night trip to St. Lucia, $1065 for five nights in Hawaii; and $1149 for four nights in Cancun.


More Time to Plan the Details

When clients confirm their hotel and air package early, they can spend time researching, planning and saving for the rest of the trip to make it a true experience. They’ll be able to discover the most iconic attractions and the restaurants that should not be missed. You should also take this time to let clients know about hidden gems that you know about, providing your expertise about the destination. Send them emails sporadically from now until the departure date with travel tips.


Generates Excitement


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Booking early generates a sense of excitement. Everyone wants something to look forward to, especially if it’s a warm weather destination trip to get them through a cold winter. Instill this sense of excitement in your clients, reminding them of the feeling of being on vacation, escaping their everyday world. They’ll be happy whenever you contact them since you are the person who makes their dream vacations come true.

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