South Pacific

Seabourn’s immersive expedition program perfectly connects guests with the South Pacific

Saying yes to an expedition cruise through the South Pacific means saying yes to adventure… and letting your imagination run free. Home to some of the least-traveled islands and atolls in the world, we can’t imagine a part of the world that better captures a wealth of interests against such a stunning backdrop.  Are your clients seeking peaceful relaxation or the active luxury of personally exploring unspoiled coral reefs and diverse fish and wildlife? Are they citizens of the world: eager to make meaningful connections with the incredible local populations, or contemplative history buffs who will marvel at relics of WWII history of this region?  The South Pacific awaits them with unexpected discoveries…

More than expected, better than a dream

People travel all over the world to snorkel and scuba dive across the vast reach of the South Pacific’s most beautiful islands. Infinite diving opportunities abound, and even the most unique locations are included in your client’s fare on a Seabourn expedition, which includes most expedition experiences and excursions. Picture them exploring an incredible World War II wreck underwater at Million Dollar Point in Vanuatu. Or savoring the delicate and diverse beauty of the reefs just outside the Solomon Islands.

Curiosity unleashed in an ancient city

This is a phenomenal destination for those who live to get off the beaten path. The astonishing archeological site of Nan Madol, a mysterious city in Pohnpei, Micronesia consists of a small network of artificial islands and canals in the center of a lagoon. Once the seat of power to a thriving royal civilization, the Saudeleur Dynasty, the island city was abandoned soon after 1628.  Your clients will walk where archeologists and engineers have spent years unwinding the mysteries tied up in the ancient stone of this extraordinary city… often left with more questions than answers.  Birds call, leaves crunch underfoot, and the dense foliage that’s reclaimed this land urges guests forward through the vine and moss-covered stone formations.

Plunge into a fresh perspective

Espiritu Santo Island, Vanuatu is a lush, tropical island that’s thick with verdant forests and natural wonders to explore. Freshwater sources, also called “blue holes”, dot the island, each rivaling the others in mesmerizing beauty. Imagine your clients indulging in the ultimate active luxury spa day for their body and soul.  A healing dip into the pristine turquoise waters of Riri Blue Hole rejuvenates them. Coaxed from their comfort zone, they may even embrace a plunge into the pool from one of the delightful vine swings that curtain the water’s edge. This incredible island destination also offers more unique snorkeling opportunities for those collecting blue-hued memories beneath the surface.


Good (feathered) friends are hard to find

The South Pacific is home to a menagerie of endemic wildlife that travelers may never have the occasion to see elsewhere. Nicknamed “Bird Island”, the vibrant and healthy forest ecosystem of Kadavu, Fiji is home to several endemic species of bird. Wildlife enthusiasts will enjoy hiking through the exquisite flora and fauna in search of the vivid and glowing coat of the crimson shining parrot or listening for the distinctive call of the whistling fruit dove.

A world of a difference

Seabourn Venture and Seabourn Pursuit are designed and purpose-built specifically for exploring in unprecedented elegance and ease in the most coveted and unspoiled destinations on Earth, and their teams are crafted just as thoughtfully.  As with any Seabourn voyage, our Expeditions are centered around authentic, personalized experiences, all facilitated by a 24-person Expedition team. This passionate group of academics, scientists and general naturalists shares your clients’ enthusiasm for exploring and learning about some of the world's remote regions. We always welcome and encourage our guests to interact with the Expedition Team over the course of their voyage, from attending a lecture on the traditional SingSings they’ll experience in Papua New Guinea, to dining together in the Colonnade or sharing stories in the Expedition Lounge.

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