Abercrombie & Kent Returns to the South Pole in 2022

Abercrombie & Kent will be returning to the South Pole in December 2022 for a 12-day “Inspiring Expeditions by Geoffrey Kent: Emperors & South Pole” excursion.

The journey kicks off from Cape Town, where Geoffrey Kent will host a welcome gathering at the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art to share his experiences and prepare guests for the adventures and challenges to come. The next day is spent exploring the countryside, driving along the coastline in a classic two-seater open-top Cobra, followed by a helicopter ride to the vineyards of Stellenbosch for lunch and a local tour by vintage sidecar.

The “real adventure” begins as guests, along with Geoffrey’s wife Otavia Kent, board a private jet that flies directly to Antarctica, across the Southern Ocean to land inside the Antarctic Circle with 24 hours of continuous daylight this time of year. Accommodations are luxurious, space-age pods, just over 20-feet in diameter, with en-suite facilities. There is also dining room serving gourmet food, fine wines and espresso, located before a 200-foot icefall and frozen lake. 

See a video below of the last A&K trip to the South Pole in 2018 below:

From this base camp guests may choose from a variety of activities: Walk through iridescent blue ice tunnels; visit a nearby base to meet the scientists and learn about their research; abseil off a mountain surrounded by an ice field; and trek to the summit of a mountain that has never been climbed—earning the privilege of naming it. 

Then, guests embark on their quest to the South Pole. At the South Pole marker, travelers can “walk around the planet” in just a few steps and visit the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Science Station. Travelers will camp overnight on the Polar Plateau at 83 degrees south. 

The final element of the adventure can be found two-and-a-half hours across Antarctica, in the middle of one of the largest emperor penguin colonies on the continent. Here, travelers will spend the day photographing the penguins and their chicks, which are still covered in grey down feathers this time of year.

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