Abercrombie & Kent Unveils New Cultural Journeys for 2024

Abercrombie & Kent (A&K) has launched its most diverse portfolio in 60 years of small group travel, featuring new “Luxury Small Group Journeys” in Brazil and Scandinavia, as well as limited-edition “Marco Polo Journeys” in Colombia, the Azores & Madeira, Oman & the Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

“A growing number of our guests are seeking out more immersive experiences to expand their knowledge of different cultures through cuisine, art and architecture, even music. Their goal is to gain deeper insight into just one or two countries through understanding their shared history and cultural traditions,” explains Stefanie Schmudde, A&K VP of product development and operations.

Cartagena, Colombia (Abercrombie & Kent)

Highlight of new itineraries for 2024 include:

  • “Brazil: Natural & Cultural Gems” (11 days) – Explore Sao Paolo’s diverse art scene through its street graffiti. Discover the roots of Brazilian culture on a guided walk of Pelourinho, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the historical city center of Salvador, then visit a local market with a chef, followed by a cooking lesson. View Iguazu Falls from both sides (Argentina and Brazil). Savor the region’s culinary history on a six-course chef-led experience. Fly by helicopter over Rio de Janeiro, then head backstage to view preparations for Carnival.
  • “Norway & Denmark: A Fjordland Journey” (10 days) – Venture into the heart of rugged fjords, along the glacier-carved coastline, visiting small villages. Discover Oslo and Copenhagen, with renowned art museums, privately tour the Oslo Opera House, savor fine cuisine, and learn the principle of hygge during an exclusive visit with a Danish family. Cruise majestic Naeory Fjord, disembarking at a recreated Viking settlement.
  • “Colombia: Bogotá to Cartagena” (Nine days) – Culture, gastronomy and biodiversity reveals how Colombia’s commitment to transformation has made the country the latest must-see destination. Marvel at the vibrant street art of once-troubled Medellin and explore Cartagena. Visit an organic flower farm in Santa Elena and meet with a flower vendor in the mountains of Antioquia. Limited departures: May 20-28, August 5-13, September 16-24, October 21-29.
  • “The Azores & Madeira: Portugal’s Island Gems” (Eight days) – From whale watching and wine tasting to tea plantations and botanical gardens, experience the best of two remote Atlantic Ocean island chains as you explore the Azores for their scenery and wildlife, and discover the vital role Madeira’s volcanic terrain played in the development of its namesake wines. Go whale watching accompanied by resident biologists. Limited departures: June 17-24, July 1-8, September 9-16, 23-30, October 7-14.
  • “Oman & the Emirates: The Sands of Time” (11 days) – Celebrate the rich tapestry of history, culture and innovation that lies at the cornerstones of two nations featuring both ultra-modern metropolises and age-old traditions. Traverse the desert on camelback to an overnight camp for a magical evening under the stars with traditional Bedouin hospitality. Limited departures: February 5-15, November 4-14, December 2-12.
  • “Saudi Arabia: A Kingdom Revealed” (Nine days) – Explore the pre-Islamic cities of Hegra and Dadan and go off-roading through the desert of AlUla. Learn firsthand about the modern Saudi state and discover the roles tradition and modernization play in its rapid development, as you explore Riyadh and Jeddah on the Red Sea. Limited departures: February 8-16, October 24-November 1, November 7-15.

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