Abercrombie & Kent Creates New Inspiring Expeditions Trips

Geoffrey Kent and his team at Abercrombie & Kent have created two new Inspiring Expeditions: Ethiopia by Air: Danakil & Beyond and Carnival & Cariocas.

Ethiopia by Air: Danakil & Beyond

On Ethiopia by Air: Danakil & Beyond (Oct 4-13, 2019), using a helicopter, travelers can fly down to the destination's sights, including the remote and rarely-visited Danakil Depression with a glowing lava lake and Sulphur-yellow salt flats.

  • Learn about the important role that Ethiopia played in human history at the National Museum with behind-the-scenes access to the original Lucy skeleton, which dates back more than 3.2 million years.
  • Experience Christianity’s earliest sacred places with exclusive access to one of the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela when it is closed to the public.
  • Understand how the story of Axum is revealed by Stelae Park’s iconic obelisks and the church believed to house the Ark of the Covenant.

On the expedition to the Danakil Depression, travelers can witness the Sulphur springs of Dallol, look down at the vast salt pans and Erta Ale’s fiery volcanic crater, and swim in the emerald pools of Lake Afdera.

Further, they can hike up to the mountaintop churches of Gheralta Massif—a remote destination isolated from outsiders until 1966—and fly deep into the Simien Mountains to see wildlife like the gelada baboon and walia ibex. Travelers can meet the tribal peoples of the remote Omo Delta who seldom welcome outsiders.

The program is 10 days from $185,000 per person, double occupancy.

Carnival & Cariocas

Guests on Carnival & Cariocas (Feb 21-27, 2020) will experience a party that is considered one of the most vibrant ones in the world. Travelers who join in on the journey get several perks including an all-access pass to the exclusive Copacabana Palace Magic Ball, along with special access to a Samba school where they can learn about the year-long preparations from a Carnival Queen. Then, they see the floats, whirling dancers, and drum corps from a private VIP box at the Sambodromo.

At the Fasano Hotel Rio de Janeiro, travelers can witness Christ the Redeemer with a helicopter tour over the city, landing at Urca Hill near Sugar Loaf Mountain for a private dinner. Travelers can take a penalty shot from a professional football player, then cruise a private yacht to the coastal resort of Angra dos Reis for two nights.

The program is $105,000 per person, double occupancy.

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