AdventureSmith Offers Joint Land and Sea Tours of the Galápagos

Travelers to the Galápagos can expand upon their trip with AdventureSmith Explorations’ new paired land and cruise trips. Offering up to $1,000 in savings, joint packages offer an opportunity for visitors to see the Galapagos, as well as nearby sights on the mainland.

The first package combines a cruise around the Galápagos with a land trip through the Andean Cloud Forest. The six-night Eastern Galapagos Islands cruise aboard the Santa Cruz II, takes passengers to nine islands in the Galápagos on an itinerary designed to maximize animal sightings. The Mashpi Rainforest Tour provides a three-day exploration of the Andean rainforest.

Travelers can also choose to pair a Galápagos cruise with an Ecuadorian land tour in the Amazon. AdventureSmith Explorations offers three four-day sea options for guests to choose from: Ocean Spray Galapagos Cruises, Petrel Galapagos Cruises and Camila Galapagos Cruises. All these options include one complimentary night at the Red Mangrove Lodge in Puerto Ayora, Galápagos. The land half of the package provides a stay in the heart of the Amazon at La Selva Amazon Lodge.

The third option joins a Galapagos cruise with another Ecuadorian trip in the Amazon. In the Galápagos, passengers can choose between sailing with Seaman Journey Galapagos Cruises and Sea Star Journey Galapagos Cruises. On land, guests may stay four or five nights at the 16-cabana Napo Wildlife Center and spend their time exploring the Amazon rainforest at Yasunì National Park.

The last package AdventureSmith Explorations offers is a land tour of the Galápagos partnered with an Ecuadorian Amazon cruise. At the Galápagos Safari Camp on Santa Cruz Island, guests will spend their days on daily guided tours around the island. On the mainland, guests can sail the Amazon aboard a Manatee Amazon Explorer cruise.

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