Collective Retreats Launches With Five Destinations

Brand-new experiential travel company Collective Retreats launches today, March 15. Founded by CEO Peter Mack (Starwood, tough Mudder) and COO Cristina DeVito (Tough Mudder), Collective Retreats aims to combine “five-star luxury” with “authentic ruggedness.”

In addition to the launch, Collective Retreats has announce three new retreat locations: Sonoma, California; Hudson Valley, New York and Texas Hill Country, all set to open this summer. The final two locations are Vail, Colorado (opening in May) and Yellowstone National Park (opening in June).

The company will be offering luxury accommodations in far-out destinations, with the retreat designed to help guests experience the best of the destination. In addition to sleeping accommodations, Collective Retreats also offers on-site activities, locally sourced food, and personal concierge service. Off-site activities might include fly-fishing in Yellowstone, horseback riding or hiking in Val, and wine tasting or cycling in Sonoma.

The culinary scene will be helmed by professional angler, outdoorsman and soon-to-be certified butcher William Howell. As executive chef, he will lead the team of chefs in each destination while working alongside a local team to find fresh ingredients. 

Collective Retreats partners with landowners to set up camp in places where hotels can’t be built due to lack of infrastructure or certain regulations. The retreats are held in canvas tent, with amenities including Egyptian cotton linen, a French-Press coffee bar, full-in tent bathrooms, massages, private decks, high-end furnishings, closet space, and chandeliers.

Currently, travelers have the ability to book only Yellowstone and Vail.