Deeper Africa Doubles Gorilla Trekking Offerings in 2018

Safari outfitter Deeper Africa has added three adventures to the Republic of Congo and the Democratic Republic of Congo that provide travelers with access to areas rich in exotic wildlife. With the new itineraries, Deeper Africa will double its Gorilla Trekking offerings in 2018.

Teaming with Virunga National Park, Deeper Africa today launches "The Call of the Congo," a new safari in the DRC that features mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, monkeys and exotic birds. What we're excited for: Travelers may elect to hike up Nyiragongo Volcano to see the world's biggest lava lake at nightfall. 

For years, Virunga was surrounded by regional conflict that kept visitors away and threatened the existence of the gorillas. Now, with help from an array of international supporters, the park is secure and the animals are protected. To ensure safety, travelers on the Call of the Congo excursion will always be escorted by Virunga rangers, their Congolese guide and staff from Deeper Africa.

Deeper Africa has also created "Mountain and Lowland Gorillas," an active journey that includes mountain gorilla trekking in Parc National des Volcans in Rwanda and lowland gorilla trekking in Odzala National Park in Republic of Congo. Kayaking down the Lekoli River is also available, as is a boat cruise, forest walks and swimming. There is also ample opportunity to explore Kigali in Rwanda and Brazzaville in the Congo, balancing gorilla trekking and wildlife viewing with exotic cultural experiences.

Rounding out the new gorilla trekking offerings, "Lowland Gorillas," is a safari set in Odzala National Park, which gives travelers expanded access to the park's wildlife. Odzala's rainforests are home to more than 1,000 bird species alone. Other possible wildlife encounters include elephants and buffalo, chimpanzees and antelope.

The Call of the Congo has departures in July, August and September of 2018, and 2019 departures in January, July, August and September. Mountain and Lowland Gorillas and Lowland Gorillas are custom safaris offered throughout 2018 and 2019.

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