EF Go Ahead Tours Launches Tour of Reopened Trans Bhutan Trail

EF Go Ahead Tours is part of a select group of tour operators that will host tours of the Trans Bhutan Trail, which will reopen to travelers for the first time in 60 years. Developed in collaboration with The Trans Bhutan Trail and Bhutan Canada Foundation, “Bhutan Adventure: The Trans Bhutan Trail” focuses on promoting responsible travel, experiential education and cultural immersion.

The 13-day itinerary kicks off a series of day-hikes that explore ancient fortresses, mountain landscapes, monasteries and temples. Ranging from one to six miles, these short hikes offer travelers an opportunity to embrace the spirit of the Bhutan Trail while reserving time and energy to relax in four-star boutique hotels, enjoy local cuisine, explore surrounding communities and engage with the locals.

Travelers can chat with local monks, students and villagers, learning firsthand why Bhutan, birthplace of the “Gross National Happiness” concept, is consistently ranked one of the happiest places on earth and is also the world’s first carbon-negative country.

Highlights of EF Go Ahead Tours’ “Bhutan Adventure: The Trans Bhutan Trail” include: An informative dinner gathering with a “Gross National Happiness” expert; a private reading with a monk astrologer to learn the meaning of your name and birth year in Bhutanese tradition; a hike to the Tiger’s Nest monastery, located alongside a cliff 2,953 feet above the valley; and a meeting with local women at the Changjiji READ Center to learn about the international non-profit organization’s programs and how the women use its library.

Bookings for tours in 2023 and 2024 during Bhutan’s dry season (March to June, September to October) are open with an optional two-day extension to Delhi, India.

The Bhutan Government recently introduced a $200/night Sustainable Development Fee (SDF) for all international tourists. The cost of this fee is included within the total price of EF Go Ahead’s Bhutan tour.

The all-inclusive tour offers concierge-level service that starts by guiding travelers through the visa process and daily tourist permit. EF Go Ahead will fully coordinate door-to-door air travel and entry into Bhutan on one of the only two approved airlines allowed to fly into Bhutan’s airport located in Pero. Domestic flights while on-tour are also coordinated and included in the tour price.

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