On Foot Holidays Introduces Basque Pyrenees Route in Spain

Travel specialist On Foot Holidays introduced its newest journey, “Basque Pyrenees,” the eighth for the company in Spain. The five- to eight-day route takes travelers through Spain’s western Pyrenees, the center of Basque culture in the country.

The journey starts off in Ziga, a small village with views of the Baztan valley. The route then takes travelers through farmland and woodland to Mount Alba, which more adventurous hikers can climb if they so choose. Going northwest, walkers briefly dip into France before taking a small boat to the town of Hondarribia. The trip ends with a ridge walk along the coast to 2016’s European City of Culture San Sebastian.

Throughout the journey, travelers can either stay in restored Basque village houses or choose to upgrade to more luxurious accommodations. On average, full days consist of four and a half to six and a half hours, about eight to 15 miles, of walking every day. The route is now available for bookings from late April to June or September to October.

On Foot Holidays curates self-guided walking routes throughout rural Europe. It currently offers journeys in Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey. The group’s other walks in Spain are: Andalucía; Basque Country; Camino Primitivo de Santiago; Catalonia – El Priorat; Catalonia – Pyrenean Foothills; Galicia – Lighthouse Way; and Mallorca.

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