Introducing: Gift of Go Tour Operator

Gift of Go is a new expedition operator offering limited numbers of journeys in little-known parts of the world through a series of curated “Collections.” The inaugural Collection, entitled “Diamonds/Wild Tales + Lost Trails,” is set in Brazil’s Serra do Espinhaço region. The company will be leading 14-, 21- and 28-day trips in the region between March and September 2024. Gift of Go’s founders will also craft and guide a limited number of bespoke itineraries in the region upon request.

A “GOGO trip” comprises no more than eight travelers (and 10-plus crew members). With weeks on end of trekking, bushwhacking, horseback-riding and off-roading, the expeditions are as demanding as they are rewarding, the company says. Throughout each expedition, travelers will experience constant immersion, candid conversation and heart-felt interactions with local people as they traverse remote regions of Brazil.

The expeditions in “Diamonds/Wild Tales + Lost Trails” will cover distances equal to that from Paris to Budapest (28 days) and Barcelona to Rome (21 days) over varied terrain, with homestays in unique communities, including a little-visited UNESCO World Heritage City (Diamantina) and colonial-era mining towns, festive agricultural communities, historic villas, railway towns and quilombos (backcountry settlements founded by former slaves).

Co-founder Eddie Lott said, “We are living in the Golden Age of picture-perfect places, carefully crafted ‘authenticity,’ and readily-collectible ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experiences. GOGO trips are different—in our minds, there is simply nothing more compelling, profound or enriching than experiencing real life in a world far from our own.” The company’s trips are touted as more purposeful than recreational, more exhilarating than relaxing and more enlightening than simply educational. 

Brazil_Gift of Go
With weeks on end of trekking, bushwhacking, horseback-riding and off-roading, the expeditions are as demanding as they are rewarding (Gift of Go)

Gift of Go divides its expedition itineraries into Chapters, including:

  • “The Serra” (The Mountains) – A trek across a land of white-sand-beach waterfalls and rivers; a labyrinth of trails winding across Dr. Seussian-landscapes; soaring peaks, colonial villages and lush mountain vistas.
  • “The Garden” (The Hinterland) – A pack mule and jon boat-supported traverse of a land of big cats, sharp plants and disappearing trails; beaches and peaks; disputed lands; ranches; residents; and the most biodiverse ecoregion of the most biodiverse country on earth.
  • “The Sertão” (The Lowlands) – Horseback riding, 4x4 overlanding and hiking across a land of festive cow towns, railway settlements and far-flung single-family villages; ice-cold cervejas and hot spring resorts; legendary waterfalls; legendary hospitality; and miles of open road.
  • “The Berço” (The Cradle) – An enriching trek through a forgotten land of landscapes and waterfalls; wilderness campsites, intimate homestays and wood-fired meals over tales of hardship and glory; culminating in a descent down a slave-built highway that cascades into the City of Diamonds.

The team at Gift of Go works alongside locals from all walks of life; 10-plus full- and part-time crew members will accompany travelers during each journey to assist with trail navigation, driving, boating, carrying packs and revealing the deeper essence of the region. There are a minimum of two guests per trip and a maximum of eight and travelers must be ages 25 and above to apply.

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