World Expeditions to Change Tibet and Nepal Itineraries

World Expeditions has announced that, following more than three years of disruption, all trips to Tibet will be completed once again in their original form after the recent opening of a new border crossing between Tibet and Nepal. With the opening of the new border post to the west of the Langtang Himal mountain range, World Expeditions, as of September 2018, is changing select itineraries to take advantage of the new route.

According to World Expeditions, most itineraries in Tibet are typically combined with neighboring Nepal. With the closure of the Friendship Highway, the main road artery linking the two regions, after the April 2015 earthquake, most itineraries in Tibet had to be rerouted.

“The post-earthquake arrangements for the past three years were not convenient for travelers,” said Nathalie Gauthier, North American Manager for World Expeditions. “They had to fly in and out of Lhasa and, with no border crossing available, at the end of their journey were forced to ‘backtrack’ to the Tibetan capital. In addition to the inconvenience, having to buy a return flight from Lhasa was increasing the cost of their trip.”

Changes will be made to the following four trips, as of September 2018:

  • High Road to Lhasa: The classic Tibetan journey – a crossing of the Tibetan Plateau, from Lhasa to Kathmandu
  • Beijing to Kathmandu: An 18-day journey across China to the high Tibetan Plateau
  • Journey to Mount Kailash: A “pilgrimage” trek to Mount Meru, revered in both Hindu and Buddhist legends as the center of the universe
  • Everest Kangshung Face: Cross the Tibetan Plateau and hike to Kangshung, the eastern-facing (and most remote) side of Mount Everest.

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