La Compagnie Debuts Chefs & Co. Program, “Family Trip” Offer

La Compagnie, the exclusively business class boutique airline that offers travels between New York and Paris, announced two new programs starting this summer: the Chefs & Co. program and the “Family Trip” offer.

The Chefs & Co. program is on board all flights and includes monthly menu additions from renowned chefs, under the leadership of Head Chef, Christophe Langrée. 

Each month offers passengers the ability to discover one new chef, with a new recipe and new style of cuisine. The chefs participating in the Chefs & Co. program are Paris-based David Toutain for the month of July, starting with a salmon ballotine with basil macédoine; New York-based Frédéric Duca, who will serve up cod fish with fennel puree, chorizo, squid and a citrus condiment; New York-based Jody Williams in October with a light snack consisting of chicken pot au feu with horseradish vinaigrette; and Paris-based Christophe Saintagne for the month of November, “defending French gastronomy” with his duck ravioli, cilantro and celeriac.

Chef Langrée flew out of Paris on June 11 aboard La Compagnie to launch the Chefs & Co. program. 

Jean-Charles Perino, co-founder and executive vice president for sales and marketing at La Compagnie, said in a press release that Chef Langrée is committed to improving the onboard food experience throughout his three-year partnership with the company. 

With the “Family Trip” deal, families now have the chance to fly from New York to Paris with La Compagnie at $1,000 roundtrip per child and $1,300 roundtrip per adult. This deal honors the celebration of the company’s third anniversary. The offer comes with all business class amenities from Samsung Galaxy tablets to Caudalie cosmetic kits and a “La Carte” dining service. 

This deal saves families about 44 percent per child and 27 percent per adult compared with regular La Compagnie ticket costs.

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