Tradewind Aviation Offers London to St. Barths Flights

PRIVATE JET: Tradewind Aviation has four aircraft in its fleet.

U.S.-based private charter aircraft operator Tradewind Aviation stopped by the Luxury Travel Advisor office with some exciting news. It has partnered with British Airways to offer travelers a one-ticket flight from London to St. Barths.

With the new connection, passengers can fly out of London directly to St. Barths via Antigua on Tradewind Aviation. Baggage transfer and onboard snacks and drinks are included on the interline journey. Travelers need only show up 15 minutes before their flight — no TSA required.

The charter flight operator also recently joined Virtuoso to add to its existing partnerships with Valerie Wilson Travel, Protravel, Frosch and Fischer Travel. Its hubs are in San Juan, Puerto Rico and Antigua.

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In the Caribbean, additional scheduled flights go to Anguilla, Nevis and St. Thomas; the airline currently offers 14 weekly flights between Antigua and St. Barths.

Tradewind Aviation also operates scheduled flights in Northeast U.S, with terminals in New York; Stowe, VT, and Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, and Boston, MA. Tickets are unrestricted — in other words, tickets are interchangeable, itinerary changes are free, and the return value from cancellations doesn’t expire.

Luxury travelers also have the option of a private charter flying to any destination they choose. Larger aircraft are limited to where they can land, and by using small, private aircraft, A-listers can get much closer to their desired location.

Advisors can contact Sarah Massik ([email protected]), the charter department manager, for all charter flight enquiries.

According to Vice President David Zipkin, roughly 45 percent of sales are through travel advisors. Tradewind Aviation offers a commission, he says.

Luxury travelers also have the option of a private charter, flying to any destination they choose. Tradewind Aviation's fleet consists of two types – Pilatus (eight passengers) and Citation (six passengers). The total fleet size is 19 with 16 Pilatuses and three Citations, in addition to access to a mid-size jet and a large-cabin jet.